STORBJU – Terramaxka


The Storbju Terramaxka comes fully assembled and is an oscillator, sequencer, drone machine and clock divider all in one unit!

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The Storbju Terramaxka is designed by Mike Desira and comes fully assembled and ready for action! It fits inside a standard Eurorack frame and can be powered either via eurorack power (via pin connectors – cable not included) or a 9V battery.


The Terramaxka can be

  • a simple oscillator with two sub-osc’s and an onboard sequencer
  • a clock divider
  • the possibility of sequencing another device via CV
  • a drone / wavetable oscillator.

Demonstration Video

Thanks to Mike Desira

Practical Use of the Terramaxka

Thanks to Conrad Vassallo

Practical Use of the Terramaxka

Thanks to Edwin Balzan