STORBJU – Noise Monger (Kit)


This kit contains everything you need to build a Storbju Noise Monger noise device.

This is an intermediate-level kit. You should be confident in your soldering skills, and have a basic familiarity with electronic components.

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The Storbju Noise Monger has been designed by Mike Desira and Frank Cachia and is based around the Texas Instruments CD40106 chip which consists of 6 Schmitt-trigger circuits.


The Noise Monger uses the 40106 chip to implement a 6 oscillator noise device / mini drone machine with 3 high speed and 3 low speed oscillators. All these oscillators are to be connected in a modular fashion using small jump leads in a series of small connectors.

A series of 7 potentiometers control the individual together also with the main oscillator frequency, whilst an optical detector can also be used to change the overall frequency. This device can be powered by a range of DC voltages up to 9V (basic DC power adapter required which is not included in the kit). Alternatively one can connect an analogue sequencer to the power inlet so as to obtain some very interesting pitching (adapter cable not included).


Storbju Noise Monger BOM


Video Demonstration

Video Assembly Demonstration