Taking Good Care of your Hearing

Presentation (Circuits 2020) Week of Talks

19/10/2020 18:30

Streamed Online

About 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices, including smartphones, and exposure to damaging sound levels at noisy entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars and sporting events, according to World Health Organization.

Dr Andrew Sciberras from the Malta Association of Audiologists discusses the effects of noise to the auditory system and other contributing factors that in the presence of noise will cause more harm. He also explains ways to prevent hearing loss due to noise exposure and to reduce the possibility of tinnitus.

Brian Vella aka Junior B will also share how years of active DJing have had an adverse effect on his hearing and how he has overcome this condition.

This discussion is moderated by Edwin Balzan from Electronic Music Malta.

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event is part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme. Circuits 2020 was further supported by the German-Maltese Circle.

Streamed and Filmed by Mark Dingli.
Produced by Edwin Balzan.
Directed by Mark Dingli and Edwin Balzan.