Hainbach (Live)

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits 2022

08/12/2022 19:30

The Egmont Hall, Fort St Angelo, Birgu

Electronic Music Malta in collaboration with Heritage Malta and the German Maltese Circle present the German experimental electronic musician and composer – Hainbach who performed his debut concert in Malta at the historic Egmont Hall in Fort St Angelo, Birgu on Thursday 8th December 2022.

With a Youtube following of over 160,000 subscribers, Stephan Paul Goetsch, better known as Hainbach performs music which celebrates all aspects of music production. He uses modern equipment in harmony with much older gear and instruments.

The Berlin based artist calls himself an electro-acoustic composer and performer—which is a true reflection of his approach. He’s a breed of musician/producer that experiments as do scientists. He’s known just as much for his experimentation as his accessible music. And this is where the test equipment really becomes the driving force behind the sound and experience Hainbach creates.

His music has been released on record labels such as Seil Records, Opal Tapes, SA Recordings and misc.works. Quoting “The Wire” magazine … “Hainbach’s tracks are more immersive, a landscape to wallow in and explore rather than a road to run down. The two sides complement each other like journey and destination. Together, they make one hell of a trip.”

The line-up for this event also included performances by local artists and DJs Robert Farrugia (live), Owen Jay and The Chemist. A special light design was created by Late Interactive.

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event was part of the Circuits 2022 and was supported by Heritage Malta and the German Maltese Circle.


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