Elektronika Session 4 | The Eighties

Presentation (Circuits 2021) Festival Day 1

23/10/2021 16:00

Spazju Kreattiv, Public Talks and Presentations Area

Elektronika is a project which was launched in February 2021 and aims to develop a historiography of electronic music in Malta. During the summer of 2021, Elektronika entered a new stage with a series of oral history sessions by which the development and evolution of the electronic music scene in Malta are being explored.

In the fourth (and final) of the oral history sessions, Mike Bugeja interviewed members from three groups that were formed and active from the eighties – these are Art in Glass (Simon Psaila), Structure (Pierre Caruana) and X-Tend (Charles Dalli, Eric Calleja and Godwin Debono). This session was held as part of Circuits 2021 Festival Weekend on Saturday 23 October 2021

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event supported by the German Maltese Circle and the Goethe Institute and Air Malta.

Filmed by Mark Dingli. Produced by Mike Bugeja / Edwin Balzan.

Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja has been following the music scene in Malta since childhood. Decades have passed since those early days of collecting newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook, and here he is,…