DIY Synthesizer Workshop

Workshop (Circuits 2023) Circuits 2023

23/03/2023 18:00

Studio A, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta.

It’s that time of the year when we invite you to the world of DIY synthesizer building. This year we have an exciting event consisting of a presentation and a hands-on building workshop.

Part 1: Euro-Rack Modules Made in Malta

During the presentation, we have invited Maltese euro-rack module builder Marlon Fenech, to present his Electronified euro-rack modules and devices. As you may remember, last December, our guest Hainbach had featured one of Marlon’s modules in a short video. During this presentation, you will hear about Marlon’s range of interesting mechanical based devices which are considered as unique in the Eurorack module world.

Part 2: Build your First-ever Oscillator!

In part 2 of this event, you will get the opportunity to build a simple voltage controlled oscillator. Mike Desira will be presenting the new Storbju Squeaky which is a simple oscillator kit which you can build on a small breadboard without the need of any soldering iron. Mike will provide very simple instructions to guide you to build Squeaky step by step. Each circuit comes complete with all components including a small speaker; all you need is to get a 9V battery!

Booking Info:

Attendance to this presentation and workshop will be free. In view of the limited kits available, you are kindly asked to email us on with your interest in taking part in this workshop so we can reserve an oscillator kit for you. If you are an EMM renewed member, you will be able to take the kit home with you for free, otherwise you can buy it for EUR12.

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event is part of the Circuits 2023 and Spazju Kreattiv programmes.

Marlon Fenech

Marlon Fenech

A lift technician by profession, Marlon Fenech graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the MCAST Institute in Malta, and has steadily built an impressive brand of mechanical noise devices…


Mike Desira

A retired AirMalta employee, Mike started his first modular synthesizer project way back in 2015 and completed the first version of his modular synthesizer in the autumn of 2017. In…