Circuits Non-Stop 2023 | Discussion

Discussion (Circuits 2023) Circuits Programme

04/11/2023 12:00

Spazju Kreattiv, Studio B

Four discussions / presentations will be held as part of this year’s Circuits Non-Stop Mini-Convention. These will be about Discovering the Ultralow Label, Critical Thinking, Arts Education and Visuals in Events.

Discovering: Ultralow

Founded in 2020 by Jimmy Bartolo, Ultralow Music stands at the forefront of Malta’s burgeoning songwriting scene and aims to put a stamp on the island’s identity by directing its spotlight on the talented artists who make up its roster.

Since it’s inception and by use of the label’s own recording facility, Ultralow has released studio albums, EPs and numerous singles by several of its songwriters, making it a top pusher for contemporary Maltese music.

Ultralow Music’s current line up consists of Brikkuni, Kym Pepe, Michael Azzopardi, Cher Camilleri, Sean Borg and recently added Das Birthday Girl with even more debuts planned for planned for 2024.

We’ll be having a chat with Jimmy Bartolo to discover the colourful record label he founded 3 years ago.

Reflect/Impact: Sounding Out, Taking a Stand

How valid are raves as a form of political participation? Can performances charge communities to actively take a stand? A panel of curious minds and makers come together to share explorations and ways they have been navigating the pressing, social situations that get them ticking.

Movement artist and performer Ġagħel Dingli, 141 Records founder Funky Monkey, Local DJ and Public Policy student STK and performance artist REA, facilitated by social arts researcher, sound and visual artist Tina, delve into what’s firing up their passion towards performances, research and positive change.

Participants: Rachelle Deguara , Luke Camilleri , Gagħel Dingli , Gorġ Vella

Reflect/Impact: Arts & Alternative Education

Is arts education taken seriously enough to support and encourage the current and future cultural workforce? How are formal and alternative structures navigating towards higher impact learning through the arts?

Ryan Falzon, Saint Edward’s College Head of Department of Arts & Languages, Żfin Malta’s Education & Outreach Officer Martina Zammit and AISO Records Founder and educator Aidan Somers share how they applied their own learning journey to the ever-evolving context of learners’ needs.

Two Decades of Evolution: Visuals at Music Gatherings

Dive into the intertwining worlds of visuals and electronic music with a panel of Malta’s distinguished visual artists: Dafne, Mark Casha (Error404), Christian Attard (In†rσwΣrks / Gh⊕s††), and Toni Gialanze (1/2 of Late Interactive / Digital Nature).

Together, they’ll share their unique insights, experiences, and trajectories within electronic music and visual synthesis. From the pioneering impact of Error404 to the cutting-edge expressions in live AV performances and the seamless fusion of this art with creative coding.

This discussion provides a panoramic view of Malta’s dynamic audiovisual evolution. Engage with these artists as they trace the journey, highlight key shifts, and picturing the future of this ever-evolving landscape.

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Concession: €12 (EMM Members)

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Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event is part of the Circuits 2023 and Spazju Kreattiv programmes.

Dafne Sammut


Dafne, in true life Daphne Sammut, is an audio-visual artist that works within the experimental platform of mixing analog and digital video gear. Glitchy, psychedelic video synthesis of the ’80s…

Error 404

Error 404

In 2005, Mark Casha and Yves Cordina formed Error404. They were the first in the country to blend visuals with electronic music, adding an exciting new dimension to the music…


Toni Gialanze

def myCode(): Toni Gialanze >> Co-founder of Late Interactive >> Creator at Digital Nature>>   for each_day in toni_s_life:           if in _love_with_code ==  true:  …