Circuits Exhibition and Installation

EMM, Late Interactive

An exhibition and installation related to Circuits and other EMM projects will be running between 9 October and 8 November 2020.

The exhibition consists of four panels with videos, photos and information on EMM’s current and past projects, such as Circuits, Away from the Comfort Zone, and Storbju Noise Monger.

The installation consists of four interactive live boxes.

The Circuits Box are a series of interactive light boxes that hold an array of oscillators (Storbju [Noise Monger]) that create the weirdest and funkiest of sounds. Without touching anything, the user is in control of both the sound and light that comes out of these.

The installation is created by Late Interactive and curated by Electronic Music Malta.

‘Storbju (Noise Monger)’ by Mike Desira and Frank Cachia is a DIY six oscillator (3 high speed, two low speed) modular noise generating circuit.

The soundscape is produced and composed by Ed Blank.