Away from the Comfort Zone

Presentation (Circuits 2020) Away from the Comfort Zone

18/10/2020 18:30

Streamed Online

During this presentation, the ‘Away from the Comfort Zone’ project is introduced. In this project, artists from different disciplines join together to make new 10-minute live performances. Musicians, actors, dancers, a toy piano, a barrel organ, and 1024 lighting switches are involved.

These are the different performances that form part of this project:

Le Tombeau de Tristano by Luc Houtkamp & Mari Terramaxka
Wild Fire by Neil Hales Acidulant & Jeremy Grech
Arcturus by Keith Farrugia Sound Synthesis & Carlo Muscat
The Machine (A Tribute to Florian Schneider) by Duo Blank, Ruben Zahra & Toni Gialanze
Sensing Satie by Owen Jay & Tricia Dawn Williams.

Martina Camilleri interviews Neil Hales, Keith Farrugia, Luc Houtkamp, Frank Cachia and Owen Jay.

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event is part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme. Circuits 2020 was further supported by the German-Maltese Circle. 

Streamed and Filmed by Mark Dingli.
Produced by Edwin Balzan.
Directed by Mark Dingli and Edwin Balzan.


Martina Camilleri is a researcher, philanthropist and artist based in Malta. Her practice is very much influenced by an environmental, social conscience and an active, positive, multi-disciplinary approach to achieving…

Neil Hales

Neil Hales

It’s uncommon to come across someone with multiple talents or with achievements in a plurality of disciplines: Neil Hales is one of them, a fully-fledged acid freak and a qualified…


Sound Synthesis

Keith Farrugia is a producer & composer who records as Stimulus Timbre & Sound Synthesis. He has a number of releases under his ambient project on the highly acclaimed Cosmicleaf…


Luc Houtkamp

Born 1953, Den Haag, The Netherlands; composer, alto and tenor saxophones, computers, electronics. Luc Houtkamp is a composer who bridges the gap between different worlds of music. Having a background…


Owen Jay

Owen Jay has been involved with the music scene since the early 90’s. He produces music alongside alongside Melchior Sultana and he released music of staple labels such as Ornate,…


Frank Cachia

Frank Cachia is a pioneer in electronic music production and performance in Malta having been active as a keyboardist since the mid-eighties. He started playing music since the age of…