Artist at Work – Darren Borg

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits Non-Stop

29/10/2022 15:30

Spazju Kreattiv, ex-Cafeteria

After more than 25 years of djing in the local Maltese electronic music scene, Darren Borg recently discovered the fun of performing on modular synthesizers. In his live performances, he incorporates the fun he’s been having with modules, the ear he’s developed for solid sounds and the love he has for improvised magic.

During his participation to Circuits Non-Stop, Darren set-up his modular rig in the Jamming and Performances Area at about 3pm and was available to answer general questions from the audience, and also to explain how he performs and composes material on euro-rack modular.

His performance was a journey from ambient to techno and back.

Video filming and editing: Joseph Sultana
Artistic direction: Toni Gialanze

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event was part of the Circuits 2022 and Spazju Kreattiv programmes.

Darren Borg

After over 25 years of DJing and 15 of producing, Darren’s fondness with modular synthesis which has been evolving for the past 4 years has taken his passion for music…