Ableton Live Masterclass

Workshop (Circuits 2022) Circuits Non-Stop

29/10/2022 16:00

Spazju Kreattiv, Studio A

Edo Pietrogrande will be delivering an Ableton Live Masterclass as part of Circuits Non-Stop. He has a Bachelor of arts at SAE Institute in sound engineering, and since 2012 he has been working as sound engineer and artistic producer for Francesco Tristano, classical pianist and electronic composer, whilst since 2016 he started following as sound engineer Octave One, the legendary duo of the Detroit house scene.

Certified trainer of Ableton Live software since 2011, he alternates life on the road with professorships at two prestigious music academies: Sonus Factory and Fonderie Sonore.

During this workshop, Edo will focus on a general overview of Ableton 11. He will focus on new reverbs and tools and also some other advanced aspects such as instrument racks.

How to Book this Workshop

Admittance to the Workshops area for Circuits Non-Stop is EUR10 (EUR8 for EMM members). Buy your ticket here.

Electronic Music Malta is Supported by the Arts Council Malta. This event is part of the Circuits 2022 and Spazju Kreattiv programmes.

Edo Pietrogrande

Edoardo Pietrogrande, born in 1983 is a sound engineer, DJ and record producer. An architect specializing in audio-video setups, Bachelor of arts at Sae Institute in sound engineering, since 2012…