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Electric Café is back!

By December 30, 2022 No Comments

In this fast-moving, ultra-connected, and complicated world, it’s always a pleasure for us humans to find refuge in nostalgic sensations. They take us back to a time and place where our minds were free from all the noise. One of the most powerful man-made inventions, that’s been with us for thousands of years, that can also take us back into these blurry yet vivid recollections — is music.

Electric Café will take us there.

Electric Café was the very first concert Electronic Music Malta produced back in December 2015. In 2023, we’re eight years older, with one of our most ambitious line-ups to date.

Read more about Electric Café here.

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This event is organised by Electronic Music Malta (EMM) and is part of the Circuits and Spazju Kreattiv programmes.

EMM is supported by Arts Council Malta.