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Away from the Comfort Zone

By October 13, 2020 January 18th, 2021 No Comments
Sensing Satie - Tricia Dawn Willams, Owen Jay

In this year’s edition of the Circuits festival, the main theme is our first home-grown project entitled ‘Away from the Comfort Zone’. In this project, artists from different disciplines join together to make new staged performances. Musicians, actors, dancers, a toy piano, a barrel organ, and 1024 lighting switches are involved.

Five performances are to be premiered online during Circuits 2020 starting on the 18th October and going onto December. This blog post will be updated with the links and the future video premiere dates as soon as they are available.

Below are the 5 different performances:

Le Tombeau de Tristano by Luc Houtkamp & Mari Terramaxka
Wild Fire by Neil Hales Acidulant & Jeremy Grech
Arcturus by Keith Farrugia Sound Synthesis & Carlo Muscat
The Machine (A Tribute to Florian Schneider) by Duo Blank, Ruben Zahra & Toni Gialanze
Sensing Satie by Owen Jay & Tricia Dawn Williams.

Moreover, all audio artists will be adopting immersive audio techniques thanks to software from New Audio Technology and Grammy award nominee German music producer Tom Ammermann. More details about the works in immersive audio in the coming weeks!

This project was conceived for Circuits, which has received the three-year Investment in Cultural Organisations grant from Arts Council Malta. It is further supported by Spazju Kreattiv, the German-Maltese Circle and Goethe Institute.