Yama Gata

Yama Gata’s musical career started from a very young age when he was particularly intrigued by the non-visual communication of sound and music and started studying classical piano at the Johann Strauss Royal School of Music where he quickly obtained a formidable ear in music. He sparked a keen interest in computer-based music in his early teens for its versatility and creative possibilities from one singular perspective.

This became the foundation of his highly dramatic and story-telling works of IDM and Melodic/Deep House music under the labels Droid9, Balkan Connection South America and Another Life Music. Yama Gata has collaborated in various projects such as Across Borders with Marinjami and Heel&Toe with Solar Sentience.

He has also landed spots in local festivals such as Earth Garden, Sunscape Festival, Sliema Street Arts Festival and Notte Bianca and performed against electronic music heavyweights such as Plaid, Solar fields, AES Dana, Tangerine Dream and Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Session by Yama Gata

Electric Café

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits 2022