Martina Camilleri is a researcher, philanthropist and artist based in Malta. Her practice is very much influenced by an environmental, social conscience and an active, positive, multi-disciplinary approach to achieving civic engagement. Throughout her education, an eagerness to encourage a sense of participation shone through in her efforts to pitch in and form student led organisations. This has been followed through by active engagement with Non-Governmental Organisations such as YMCA’s Youth Empowerment Program, Electronic Music Malta and Malta Sound Women Network. Her growing interest in the strength of the arts to connect communities has driven her to apply classical music training as well as the continued passion of electronic music to numerous projects with the previously mentioned organisations, as well as in her work with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. This has been proven in the way she collaborates with entities working towards social justice, as well as fulfilling her personal ventures. All the above is being currently further researched and put into practice as she reads for an M.A in Social Practice Arts and Critical Education at the University of Malta.

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