Mutex is the moniker used by Daniel Chetcuti, a 35 year old from Malta. He started playing records back in 2002 where he began playing regularly at some local underground music events.

In 2006 he and a few close friends launched Complex Sound Sagacity – a local promotion/net-label focusing on various aspects of club music and beyond. Around that same time Mutex started making music where he released a few tracks along the years on record labels such as; Fundamental Records, CSS, Balkan Vinyl, Wirebox and he recently released his first EP on ARTS. He also has an Electro based side-project together with Vertical Dimension named Moodex.

Throughout the years, Daniel has acquired a broad taste of different styles of electronic music and these influences can be heard in both his DJ sets and various productions.

Session by Mutex

Electric Café

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits 2022