Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja has been following the music scene in Malta since childhood. Decades have passed since those early days of collecting newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook, and here he is, all these years later, even more involved in the local scene than he has ever been. In the interim, he has done everything – from being a fan, a roadie, being in a band, a club DJ, music PR, event producer, a founding member of the M3P Foundation and, for well over 20 years, a music journalist with particular focus on the music scene in Malta. Furthermore, he also hosts and produces the weekly radio show, ROCKNA, which has now entered its 11th uninterrupted year of transmission. Dedicated entirely to promoting and featuring music and artists from the local scene and the Maltese diaspora, ROCKNA is possibly the only show of its kind broadcasting on the local airwaves.

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