Marlon Fenech

Marlon Fenech

A lift technician by profession, Marlon Fenech graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the MCAST Institute in Malta, and has steadily built an impressive brand of mechanical noise devices in his inventory.

Inspired by DIY equipment equipment Youtubers Moritz Klein and Look Mum No Computer, Marlon has come forward in various DIY synth gatherings EMM has been organising in the past years. In his own words, before such events were being held, he never knew he could talk to anyone in Malta about his passion let alone start selling his own eurorack modules!

Having had his Eurorack-based Relay module featured in a short by Youtube superstar Hainbach, Marlon now looks keenly to the future. We await more interesting mechanical devices coming out – check his instagram profile in the link below.

Electronified Instagram account link.

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