Jody Fiteni

Starting out from the Tigné mid-80’s scene Jody Fiteni fronted Malta’s first electronic band The Joy Circuit while writing and contributing to FAR OUT! magazine – another first for Malta, combining the local and international rock, pop, electronic and post punk music scene back then. Jody also fronted alternative band The Ophidian Twin, who played various gigs around the island back in the ’80’s.

Jody moved to London in ’89 and joined Shoot The Crow which became The Switch, later morphing into The Mustard Seeds recording and gigging the London circuit up to the mid-90’s until becoming a recording trio called Hunkpapa.

After moving back to Malta, Jody worked with various advertising agencies as a graphic designer and creative director and later fronted alternative post-punk band The Lesser Gods.

Whilst managing his own creative agency Jody collaborated with Tin Raven to produce a catalogue of tracks under the name Empire of the Ants (UK/Malta based) and lately has been collaborating with Simon Deguara as Digital Black – a return to electronica and digital roots. Jody MC’d the first EMM collaborative gig at Spazju Kreattiv back in December 2015 and most of his back catalogue of recorded, live and video archive can be found on his You Tube channel at

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