Gareth Jones aka Electrogenetic

Gareth Jones (Electrogenetic)

Gareth Jones is a British Music Producer and Musician

Gareth has always found transformative inspiration in recorded music and has dedicated his life to the form. An initial training at the BBC in the late 1970s led to this 40 year arc exploring the art of capturing and creating magical vibrations inside and outside the recording studio.

He started this journey at Pathway Studios in London and helped build the Garden studio in Shoreditch. In the early 80s he moved to Berlin for 10 years and worked at the legendary Hansa studio, where he continued experimenting with recording the space around the music (making, amongst many other projects, the “Berlin Trilogy” with Depeche Mode) . Since then he has worked extensively throughout Europe and North America.

In the early nineties he moved back to London to a production room at Strongroom Studio, where he was for 15 years, and is now again since 2013.

Gareth, a technology enthusiast, was a pioneer in the use of digital equipment (including the then new sampling technology) and combined this with analogue recording techniques and a love of synthesisers. His current works fuses modern digital tools with an Analogue Soul. He knows how to make records.

Gareth finds personal musical expression in collaboration through his modular synthesis work. He has explored the deep power of the electronic drone with his Spiritual Friendship project after an inspiring residency in Moog Sound Space. In 2018 he was on retreat in the Catskills mountains making a Nous Project for Our Silent Canvas.

Gareth is a Logic Pro guru and Modular Synth enthusiast and an Ableton Live user, He has lectured at Madrid Red Bull Music Academy and given many interviews and seminars. His “Tech Talks” are available here.

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