Dr Zicotron

Dr Zicotron

Dr. Zicotron is an an electronic composer, musician and DJ. He has been active in the Maltese music scene since the mid-90s, with various projects including Spooky Monkey and Electroswing Malta. As a solo artist he focuses on conceptual musical works which fuse his classical piano training with experimental electronic compositions.

For his upcoming performance ‘States of Uncertainty’, Dr. Zicotron will be performing on a Eurorack system inspired by West Coast synthesis. Using modules designed by Don Buchla and others which carry on his legacy, he follows the West Coast tradition where music does not consist in a pre-defined structure, but is born from an intricate interplay between random and stepped events. Through this approach, the central theme of uncertainty becomes a source of endless possibilities, where the performer improvises with a constantly evolving sound texture to shape musical and rythmical patterns.

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