Darren Borg

After over 25 years of DJing and 15 of producing, Darren’s fondness with modular synthesis which has been evolving for the past 4 years has taken his passion for music to a whole other level.

His years of experience, combined with the complete control facilitated by modular synthesis has invigorated Faddy’s experimentation. With countless hours spent on his growing collection of modules, he continues to reflect his influences of pumping 90s rave and EDM, ambient landscapes and dubby atmospheres into his own unique sound.

This all comes together through performing his live set, incorporating the fun he’s been having with modules, the ear he’s developed for solid sounds and the love he has for improvised magic.

Session by Darren Borg

Artist at Work – Darren Borg

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits Non-Stop