Aidan Somers

Aidan Somers, born in 1997, is a diverse artist and producer from Malta. His work showcases a variety of influences which broadly range from ambient to emotive, as well as melancholic and electronic music.

He first started studying music production in 2012 which then led to several courses on Ableton Live and eventually private tuition with Andrej Ljatkovski, who helped him to develop his sound. Fuelled by his passion for music, he further continued his studies by learning classical piano and percussion. With a focus on versatility and a love for composition, Aidan Somers aims to create a large portfolio of work suitable for a variety of settings.

Nowadays, Aidan is working as a full- time producer and teacher. His days are mostly devoted to composing for local & international artists whilst also working with and developing up and coming artists and producers. Aidan is also the founder of AISO Records, a record label and artist development platform focused on educating artists with a passion for audio and music. Aidan’s artistic endeavours on both known and unknown projects are also worth mentioning. Whether it’s composing as ‘Aidan Somers’ or ‘Alias 1’ his electronic project, both have gained traction in the local and international scene, released on several record labels and working with established local artists.

Session by Aidan Somers

Electric Café

Performance (Circuits 2022) Circuits 2022