Circuits is a yearly festival / conference which has been organised by Electronic Music Malta since 2016 with the support of Fondazzjoni Kreattivita (through Spazju Kreattiv) and which has brought to Malta electronic music performers, synthesiser makers and dj’s from Malta and also from around the world.  You can read about past editions of Circuits here.


How and why is Circuits Organised?


Circuits aims at investing in the up-skilling of the local electronic music artist community. Originally Circuits consisted of a yearly event which would be in the format of a conference / festival consisting of installations, workshops, performances, talks and an exhibition area.  Nowadays Circuits is spread across various months during which screenings, performances, discussions, workshops and seminars are held. 

As from 2020, Circuits has received a three-year Investment in Cultural Organisations grant from Arts Council Malta.


What is Electronic Music Malta (EMM)?


Electronic Music Malta is the voluntary organisation that organises Circuits. EMM (VO 1155) was originally setup in Malta 2015.

You can get to know more about EMM by following the links below:

EMM’s website
EMM’s page on Facebook
EMM’s Statute