In 2017, Circuits was organized by Electronic Music  Malta with the  support of the US Embassy and Fondazzjoni Kreattivita, featured American synth maker and electronic music performer Mark Verbos as a special guest. 

The event spanned 2 days, day one consisted of a public talk at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre during which Mark Verbos explained how modular synthesisers evolved  from the United States and how he started interesting himself in electronics.

Day two consisted of a conference which was held at Spazju Kreattiv. During this conference, Ray Interactive from Scotland presented an installation open to the public which consisted of a giant replica of the classic Roland TB303 bassline synthesiser.  A marathon of public talks, performances, against the clock music production challenges  and demonstrations were held with the contribution of various artists from Malta and also  abroad  such as: Acidulant, Andrew Schembri, Clifford Borg,Danjeli, Ed Blank, Jess Rymer,  Luc Houtkamp, Owen Jay, Stephanie Fiteni, and Toni Gialanze.

This conference ended with a  performance followed by a talk held at the theatre from local electronic artists Sonitus Eco and Yews together with the special guest artist Marc Verbos.

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