The first ever edition of Circuits was held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March
Various activities and initiatives were  be  held with  by  the  organisation’s
own members and committee with the participation of various guest musicians and artists. This convention was open to the public.

An installation  was  set up  throughout  the  duration  of  the  convention  whilst  an exhibition  explaining  the  aim,  objectives  and  activities  organized  by  EMM together  with  some  exhibits  related  to  the  Maltese  electronic  music  scene throughout  the  years  was  held  for  a  period  spanning  10  days  prior  to  the

Throughout the convention, the following activities were held:

  • Live Radio Transmission (Brian James, Owen Jay, Ray Bajada)
  • Interactive Audiovisual Installation (Digital Nature)
  • An exhibition about Electronic Music Malta’s organisational aims, list of activities, achievements, membership, and Maltese electronic music memorabilia spanning 30 years.

Below is a summary of the events held during these two days:


  • M3P.com.mt Information Session (Dr Toni Sant and Joe Julia Farrugia)
  • Artist at Work Showcase (Microlith, Stimulus Timbre, Acidulant, Owen Jay)
  • Wikimedia Information Session (Wikimedia Community Malta)
  • EMM Information Session / Annual Meeting (EMM Committee)
  • Transit – Performance followed by Interview (Tricia Dawn Williams)
  • Music Production Workshop (Dean Demanuele)